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On Tuesday 27/7/2021, The Ministry of Energy and Water – General Directorate of Oil – Tripoli and Zahrani Oil Installations, is conducting a tender for the appointment of a technical consultant to assist in reviewing (FEED and Environmental Management) documents submitted by GPOB Limited (Rosneft subsidiary) for the development of a storage farm at Tripoli Oil Installations and preparing the EPICC tender document and the terms of reference, which include the rehabilitation of four Tanks and fabrication of three new Tanks for storing liquid oil distillates in Tripoli Oil Installations with the provision of technical assistance in accordance with the conditions set out in the book of conditions prepared for this purpose, and in accordance with the conditions and specifications specified in the list of conditions and their appendices deposited in the aforementioned ministry - the office of oil installations in Tripoli and Zahrani - located in the Gharious building - Furn Al-Shabak - the 11th floor, during the official working hours in exchange for paying an amount of (1.000.000 LBP) one million Lebanese pounds or visit the website www.leboilinst.com, noting that the last deadline for submitting offers is the eleventh hour of Monday 27/7/2021.